MA2 GENESIS Version is Available!

MA2 GENESIS Version is Available!

Introducing the Macavity Agility MA2 GENESIS – a preliminary version of our forthcoming MA2 PCP Air Rifle, specifically crafted for enthusiasts eager to explore the foundational elements of our innovative design. The GENESIS version serves as a crucial stepping stone in refining the superior performance and features that will define the final model.

Key Differences from the Final MA2 Model:

- SINGLE GAUGE: The GENESIS version utilizes a single gauge for tank pressure, in contrast to the final version which includes dual gauges for both tank and regulator pressures.

- ORIGINAL SUPPRESSOR DESIGN: This initial suppressor design will be enhanced in the final version for better aesthetics and performance.

- BARREL LENGTH: Featuring a standard barrel length, the GENESIS version sets the stage for the final version’s 1-inch longer barrel, which promises increased aerodynamic efficiency.

- BASIC HAMMER SPRING ADJUSTER: The design of the hammer spring adjuster in the GENESIS is more basic, with a refined, user-friendly version set to appear in the final model.

- INITIAL PACKAGE OFFERING: The GENESIS version comes with an essential manual and components, precursor to the more comprehensive package that will be included with the final production.

    The Macavity Agility MA2 GENESIS invites early adopters and air rifle lovers to experience the initial capabilities and design of what promises to be a benchmark in PCP air rifle innovation.

    We are now offering 40% off coupon code “GENESIS40” only eligible for the first 20 buyers. As a token of appreciation for supporting us during our initial product launch, all GENESIS buyers will receive a LIFETIME 10% discount on any orders made on our website, with no restrictions. If you missed out on the 40% discount, don't worry - you'll still receive an additional 10% off your next order, also without any limitations.

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